Mar 31, 2019 - God of the Lost Sheep
Luke 15: 1-7
Actor Paul Newman started a food company several years ago. Many products now bear the name, "Newman’s Own." With profits from this business, Newman helped build a camp for critically ill children. It’s called the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The name was taken from his film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Newman was sitting at a table one day with a camper who asked him who he was. The actor reached for a carton of Newman’s Own lemonade and showed the boy his likeness on the container, "This is me," Newman said. Wide-eyed, the camper looked at the picture on the food carton and asked, "Are you lost or something?" 


So, Ferris Lane, are you lost or something? Do you know anyone who is lost? Did you know that church is a perfect place for the lost?
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