April 7, 2019 - What Would It Take?
Philippians 3:1-11
Church Family, 


There is a allegory that tells about a man who died and went to heaven. Just outside of heaven was a huge arena called "The Court of Status Symbols." Before this man could get into heaven, he had to go through this arena, past the keeper of the door of the court. Inside this Court of Status Symbols he saw sleek automobiles, membership cards to exclusive clubs, silver-tipped canes, etc. As he went farther back into the room, he saw the crowns of kings and beautiful jewelry from princesses. 


Then the guide said, "Yes, these were all things that the world uses to impress people, symbols of significance. But they don't impress God! So we have everybody drop them right here before they come to stand before the Almighty!" What are those things that you will need to leave behind in the Court of Status Symbols in order to stand before God?


Indeed,  what needs to be left behind?
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