May 5th, 2019 - Timeout At Tiberias
John 21:1-14
These were events that human beings had never before experienced, certainly not these Disciples. Even worse, these events had exposed their weakness--Peter with his denials, Thomas with his doubts, the others with their fear and abandonment. Even if Christ were alive, how could he ever count on them again? They had failed him just when he needed them the most. That was it--that was why their heads were hanging. It was not that they doubted Christ. It was that they doubted themselves.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever let someone else down? Have you dreaded seeing them afterward--not because they had done you wrong, but because you had failed them. At a time like that, it might seem easier to let go of the relationship than to bear the shame of seeing them again.

And so the disciples, seven of them at least--Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John and two other unnamed disciples--decide to take a timeout . . . a timeout at the Sea of Tiberias.
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