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This blog shows Ferris Lane Community Church news updates - bulletin items, prayer requests, Connector articles, etc.


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Sermon Catch Up
February 10, 2014
Have you missed a week or two of church? Perhaps you were volunteering in children's ministry and missed out on the message that week? or just really want to listen to a sermon again? We're getting caught up on posting recent sermons; head over to and have a listen. [READ MORE]

“When We Are Tempted” - Luke 4:1-13
February 17, 2013

Temptation was the topic this week, and the sermon will be available to listen to online shortly. [READ MORE]

God Working in His Children's Lives
February 9, 2013

Recently Pastor Mark conducted an amazing interview with our friend and brother Shawn Gibson showing how God was at work in Shawn's life long before he ever knew it. This is a must listen and is online now for you to hear! [READ MORE]