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February 1, 2013


Does anyone know what really goes on at the daycare? I mean, I‘m sure you know that we feed the kids, play with them, teach them things, but past that, do you really know what we do? I guess because this is my life, I auto-matically assume that people just know what I know! Well, in case you don‘t, here are just a few examples of life here at the daycare!

First of all, yes we do feed the kids! Our kids are extremely lucky to have Amanda Mayer as our cook. She feeds them really well, and makes some pretty good snacks and lunches! But there‘s an added bonus-whenever it‘s a child‘s birthday, Amanda bakes and decorates cute little cupcakes, we sing ―Happy Birthday‖ to them, they get to blow out the candles and pick out a birthday gift in the office. We just love to celebrate each child‘s birthday!

Speaking of celebrations, the staff and I love to celebrate - pretty much everything! Whatever the occasion, from holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, to when a child is fully potty-trained, we try to make each special moment a celebration! That is one of the many things that make us unique. We‘re all about providing that sense of community and family to our staff, children and parents, and I think we do that very well!

So back to celebrations. When there‘s a holiday, we usually have Amanda cook us a big turkey or ham dinner with all the fixings. We set up all the tables in the hallway, the kids make fancy centerpieces with their teachers for the tables and we eat a big old family holiday dinner together! It‘s something that the staff and kids look forward to each time there‘s a holiday.

Another celebration that we never miss is our daycare‘s birthday, which is the beginning of June. This year, our day-care turns 8 years old and we‘re very proud of that fact. So what do we do about it? We celebrate, of course! We usually have a big pizza and birthday cake picnic out in the playgrounds and we sing ―Happy Birthday Ferris Lane‖!!!

So that‘s just a bit about how we celebrate here at Ferris Lane Daycare! Next time, I‘ll give you some more information about different parts of our program.

Michelle Goss
Daycare Supervisor


Happy February, everyone! So how‘s your winter going? Perhaps a little cold? Maybe a little hum drum? Well, we have the cure for that!

Why not give our Family Fun Nights a chance? Watch for a monthly event, a great reason to brave the cold, and come out and spend time with your family! It‘s a fantastic opportunity to invite that family who‘s been on your mind, or even that friend of your child‘s who‘s always at your house!

We had great night in January, with our first Family night of 2013. The kiddies got to enjoy a pyjama party and movies and the adults made their own fun with the first ever ―Win, Lose or Draw‖ tour-nament. I have to say, it was a great night, with lots of laughs! A great way to build friendships with your church family. ext? You‘ll have to watch the calendar and listen for the announcements!

Do you have an idea for a great family fun night? Let us know!


"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God‘s grace in it‘s various forms." – 1 Peter 4:10

Krista Halbert
Outreach Ministries Director


Would you like to help build a church or a seminary in another country? YOU CAN!!

Well, OK, maybe you can't actually pour the cement or pound the nails, but you can support those who will. You can fill your ALABASTER box and bring it in on Sunday, February 17th.

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a missionary in today's world? How would you reply if someone asked you if the Church of the Nazarene has missionaries and what their roles are?

We invite you to do a bit of research. The easiest way to do this is to just pick up some information from our table at the back of the church. For those of you who prefer elec-tronic searches, go to and click on Nazarene Global Mission. You may be surprised by what you learn.

We would like to remind you that the church's Food Cupboard needs to be constantly replenished. Please pick up an extra item when you do your grocery shopping and bring it with you on Sundays.

We appreciate your help and support.

Linda Pascoe
NMI President


The Craft family has been involved in Ferris Lane Community Church for about 8 months now. I met recently with Julie and Denel to find out a bit more about their family.

Both Julie and Denel were actively involved in church life growing up, in different denominations and faith traditions. As teens, each of them drifted away from their family churches. They were married here in our church two years ago, but didn‘t attend at that time. However, when Benjamin (now 8 months old) was born, both of them were sure that they wanted their children to be raised in the church. After being encouraged by his mother-in-law, Virginia. to give our church a try Julie, Denel, newborn Benjamin and, whenever possible, 6 year old Noah began to attend.

A friendship quickly formed between Denel and Dave Potter, who had recently married a high school friend of Julie‘s (Lisa!) and he attended Dave‘s recent men‘s small group. Denel recalls, "It was good to know that other men go through the same issues that I'm going through. It‘s good to connect with other men, and have deeper conversations, other than just about work!"

The Crafts have quickly become a part of our church family, getting involved in a variety of events and opportunities for ministry. Denel volunteered to paint one of the daycare classrooms last spring, and cooked up a prize-winning chili for the annual chili-lympics in October. As well, both Julie and Denel are part of the Sunday Night Ball Hockey. (Denel says that it helps to burn off the extra calories consumed at the monthly men‘s breakfasts!) Julie and Benjamin attend the M.O.P.s meetings regularly, and she also enjoys volunteering in the nursery. And Julie‘s very interested (and about to become very involved!) in developing our church website more. They are both looking forward to the upcoming Alpha Marriage course, and maybe helping out with the youth group, as well as other possible ministry opportunities.

Julie and Denel agree that one of the things they enjoy most about our Sunday morning services is the involvement of so many people in the worship service, and seeing new leaders get the opportunity to grow in confidence and ability. As well, they love the way Pastor Mark relates the stories from the bible to everyday, "real" life. Julie also particularly appreciates the invitation that is given each week for people to go up to the altars at prayer time, and that others feel comfortable going up to lay hands and pray for those who are there.

Our continued prayers, support and encouragement are important to Julie and Denel at this time, as they deal with a huge challenge: Denel‘s mom, Monique was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Denel especially is counting on the strength of his faith and the support of their church family to get them through the tough times that are ahead. Why not make an extra effort in the next few weeks to introduce yourself to them, and let them know they‘re in your prayers?

Pastor Carrie Tweedle

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