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Remember in Prayer
July 7, 2013
Prayer support for:
  • Newmarket Church of the Nazarene: Pastor Kieth Taylor (Pam).
  • Rev. Ian Fitzpatrick & the leadership of the Central & Quebec Nazarene Districts.
  • Rev. Riley Coulter & the leadership of Ambrose University College.
  • Pastor Jose Arias and the leadership of the Spanish church, Iglesia Cristo Viene, that worships in our building.
  • The Hudson family (Terry, Tammy, Elena, Emily and Julia), missionaries to Romania.
  • Luis and Clara Meza, missionaries to Colombia.
  • Our sister churches, Bauta (Pastor Pedro) & El Cayo (Pastor Dari), in Cuba.

Remember in prayer:

  • Those in our church family who continue to grieve the loss of loved ones (Nida and Andrew Cormier, Ted Stauffer, Phyllis Parent’s sister Shirley, Denel Craft and family).
  • Hazel Shelswell, who recently had surgery.
  • Al Potter (Dave's dad), who will is receiving treatment for leukemia and related complications, and for his wife, Gwen, and the family.
  • Elisabeth Webber, one of our daycare teachers, who is receiving chemotherapy.
  • Kim Preston, friend of the Fosters, continuing to recover from a concussion.
  • Rhea McRae, who suffers from severe asthma.
  • Krista Halbert’s grandmother (Rhea’s mother) Marion, with ongoing health concerns.
  • Lisa Bell's mom, Judy Walsh, recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Ann Gibson’s friends, Renee and Justin, and their newborn son, Gavin.
  • Jasmine, Tracey Chesson’s five year old niece, who has leukemia.
  • Joanne Hartin’s mother, Noreen Bernier, who is in hospital with a collapsed lung.
  • Joanne Hartin’s brother, Bob Lang, who has stage two cancer.
  • Olive Wilkins, who continues to undergo regular cancer treatments.
  • Charles Jones, who has taken up residence in a long term care facility.
  • The many community groups who use our facility throughout the week.
  • Several unspoken prayer requests.

Answers to prayer:

  • Jo, Virginia Magill’s mom, is cancer free.
  • Ken Preston, friend of the Fosters, whose recent surgery showed no signs of cancer.

If you have any prayer requests or praise reports that you would like added to the bulletin, please click here to complete the PRAYER REQUEST FORM.

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