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»   They're all out!
#GodIsGood {view link}

»   While we are praying as hard as we can, there are folks working those prayers as hard as they can.
8 boys rescued w… {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Barrie's Ryan Rijo drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies {view link} {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Where are you watching the royal wedding? {view link} {view link}

»   RT @kenarmstrong: Looking for my dad in #Alcona Ont. near #Barrie Please keep an eye out in #Innisfil area {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Little Avenue: The morning after the fire (7 photos) {view link} {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Raw video from last night's Little Avenue fire {view link} {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Little Avenue fire displaces all 25 units {view link} {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Jane's Walk is set to stroll May 4 {view link} {view link}

»   RT @BarrieToday: Hospice Simcoe ready for a hike {view link} {view link}

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