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»   Start the day off right.
49 Ferris Lane, 10:30am #SundayService
(Come earlier and grab some #coffee or #tea {view link}

»   {view link}

»   {view link}

»   Annual Spring clean-up, e-waste gathering for youth trip and brea(k)fast sandwiches for everyone!
The breakfast mis… {view link}

»   {view link}

»   Easter Egg Hunt time!!! {view link}

»   The FLCC Easter Egg Hunt is getting ready to be launched at 11am SHARP!!
Be here a little earlier to get lined up.… {view link}

»   #ItsFriday
#SundayIsComing {view link}

»   The weekend doesn't run itself. Great work from our associate Pastor Dave Potter and the whole team for making this… {view link}

»   Egg stuffing party!!!
The annual Ferris Lane Easter Egg Hunt--- Saturday April 20 starts at 11am sharp!!!!! 240lbs… {view link}

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