Ferris Lane Church Compassionate Ministries

One of the main fundraising efforts of the FLCCCM is through the sale of gift cards through the Fundscrip program.  Through this program, you can purchase gift cards from over 100 Canadian retailers; from groceries, to apparel; from movies to toys and games; from gas to restaurants. The greatest thing is it doesn’t cost you any more than buying these cards elsewhere, but the difference is that a portion of your purchases gets paid back to the FLCCCM to assist in this critical ministry.

You can order your gift cards by downloading the Fundscrip order form below and submitting it with your payment to one of the FLCCCM team members on Sunday. Your cards will be delivered to you on the next Sunday.

For more information, contact Linda Pascoe of the FLCCCM below:

Linda Pascoe: dandlpascoe@nextcom.ca

Thank you for your support!

There are no events available at the present time. Please check back at a later date.